Learning to Stay within a Budget: Teen Advice

If you’ve run up your credit card expense to the point it’s unmanageable, then debt consolidation is often a way to reorganize your debt so you can handle it. Don’t wait until you are forced to file bankruptcy to learn how to better manage your money.Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy For example, most people who file […]

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Know the Signs of Overspending- Teen Financial Advice

Debt consolidation frequently comes about when people cannot put a rein on their spending. In turn, overspending often stems from a lack of planning, or a budget. If you have a problem with credit or do not maintain a budget, then beware of the telltale clues that you could be on your way to bankruptcy. […]


Debt Consolidation: How to Understand the Cost of Credit

Considering the Costs of Using Credit after a Debt Consolidation When you are forced to make the choice for debt consolidation, you have to look at the cost of using future credit as there are, as you know, a number of expenses associated with using credit cards. For example, the annual fee assessed on credit […]


Bad Credit Loans credit advice for teens

In today’s tough economic times, with job losses, layoffs, and reduced incomes it’s easy for good credit to suddenly turn into bad credit. This is especially true if credit cards are maximized. Missing one credit card payment can often send monthly payments skyrocketing. Once this happens it gets harder and harder to get out of […]

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Welcome to Youth For Volpe

Formerly Children of Apotex Inc. Executives for Volpe Classy. Articulate. Even tempered. These are just some of the qualities that make Joe Volpe our choice for Liberal leader. But to win the leadership, Joe needs your help! How You Can Help Sell your Apotex stock options and donate up to $5,400 of the proceeds to […]